The Main Street Reimagined Podcast is a show for people ready to turn visions into realities and ideas into businesses. Each week we discuss other Main Street dreamers like you and me, who took the leap to create businesses that add value to their community: their ideas, their mindsets, and their inspirations, as well as some of the highs and lows along the way. 

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#2 Landscaping, Leadership, and Impact Investing with Luke Henry

In this episode, Luke discusses starting his ‘side hustle’ of landscaping as a teenager and building it to what it has become today. We discussed the key inflections points in his business and how binging on leadership content made him shift his business from a landscaping business, to a leadership business that does landscaping. Since that inflection, Luke has held a weekly leadership study with his staff, and it has had an amazing impact on his business. Luke also discusses...

32 | Main Street Reimagined | The Small Nation Podcast Featuring Luke Henry

Welcome to episode 32 of The Small Nation Podcast! This podcast is created for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, investing in real estate, and economic development. We love the opportunity to sit down with other developers that are making an impact their own community. Luke Henry is taking Marion, Ohio by storm! Listen as he unpacks his journey from pharmacy into real estate and where his journey took him from there. Can you identify some of the parallels between his story and Small Nation's story in Bellefontaine? Could these practices be viable solutions to your communities?

Episode 135: Why You Should Aim for Significance Instead of Success with Luke Henry

Are you paying your people what they are worth? In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our guest Luke Henry shares his journey of how he eventually led him to leave his job as a pharmacist and fully embrace his entrepreneurial spirit with his wife. Together, they embarked on a bold project: buying eight buildings in one block in their hometown, aiming to bring their vision of 'Main Street, Reimagined' to life.Throughout the journey, Luke found wisdom and guidance in books, and he ...

Consistency Trumps Intensity with Luke Henry

Welcome back to the Investing for Freedom Podcast. Get ready to be inspired as we sit down with the amazing entrepreneur, Luke Henry! Luke's journey started with a simple lawn mowing business and has since grown into a thriving organization that has made a significant impact in his community. In this episode, Luke shares his insights on entrepreneurship and how his humble beginnings shaped his success today. We dive deep into the importance of strong leadership, and he gives us practical tips on how to become a better leader.

Being a Patron, Placemaking, and Priming the Pump with special guest Luke Henry

Luke Henry, John, and Ty have a conversation around their shared experience of being a Patron and the diverse skill set it takes to build momentum when placemaking. Luke Henry has one of the most diverse backgrounds that you might ever see. Getting his start in the landscaping business, earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and finally, starting the placemaking initiatives, Main Street Reimagined and Henry Development Group.

E204: Reviving Communities & Empowering People with Luke Henry

In this episode, Luke shares his dreams and passions of not only revitalizing his own community, but also the importance of seeing the greatness of people and investing in their talent.

How to Change a City One Building at a Time with Downtown Revitalization with Luke Henry

In today's episode (#63) we interview Luke Henry. Getting his start in landscaping, Luke Henry has grown into a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors many of which stem out of him revitalizing the downtown of Marion, Ohio. Luke has found the perfect concoction of passion and profitability as his team takes blighted buildings and brings them to life with new businesses the community hasn’t seen. In today’s episode Luke unfolds the leadership it takes to operate multiple businesses and pulls back the curtain on tackling complex remodels most wouldn’t touch.